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The Groove | Ain Sokhna

District: Ain Sukhna

Due to the well-chosen geographical location are designed with the strictest levels of privacy a  romantic and evocative environment, where you can enjoy a cruise down the relaxing sprawl of  The Groove's exquisitely landscaped promenade.  The Groove's civilized environs, rustic charms, spectacular mountainous and beach extremes,  sophisticated jet-setting resort, with its cosmopolitan flair, all radiate family and  environmentally-friendly tradition.     To guarantee masterpiece home full of entertainment, needs, shops, fun and yet more to come  for your family, The Groove is presenting a superior entertainment hub do assure welfare  experience for all family members.   -The Lagoon: The Private gated island of the groove. Superior villas on an exceptionally 
 charming lagoon, Enjoy a private beach and lagoons, surrounded by a gate only for the  lagoon community.  -The View: A unique three-leveled landscaping concept allows for panoramic view enjoyed by all  200 units in The View.As the sun starts to slowly sink into the horizon ahead, your panoramic  view ahead from the vast 4200 meters of infinity pools.  -The Heights: The crown jewel of the groove Superior villas on an exceptionally charming  lagoon, Enjoy the cherry on the top with the breathtaking sea view. The Heights is the place  where you can have it all.  -The Bay: A 120-meter depth marina for yachts and private boats and a 900 m sandy beach with  private seating and 3 main restaurants.  -The Island: A masterpiece heart of the resort that is 14-acre island’s building and facilities.


 Total Area​ ​350,000 sqm

 930 m Shoreline

 450 m Resort Depth

 1700 units 3-Storey buildings


 50 min from New Capital City

 50 min New Cairo

 7 km from Movenpick  

11 km before Porto Sokhna


 Green Areas & Community Gardens

 120-meter depth Marina for Yachts

 Beach Clubhouse

 Therapeutic Center

 Sea front Gym

 Sports Facilities

 Spa and Clinics

 Restaurants & Cafes

 Luxury Shopping  


 International Hotel

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